I don’t own a GoPro…

…but if I had to pick a company that’s in the business of creating images and is the most exciting and ground breaking on the current market; that would most likely have to be GoPro. Felix Baumgartner’s space dive from 39 kilometres is only one of the best-known examples of GoPro’s participation in pushing the boundaries of human experience. When he says “I have been in a violent spin for a long time. Feels like I have to pass out.” early on during his ten minute fall, the accompanying video recorded and streamed online becomes a hallmark of what we can expect from the coming years and decades of the 21st century.


These little cameras are within everyone’s reach however. This has to be what I like most about GoPro; none of its potential is restricted to an elite group of sportsmen, aviators, divers and base jumpers. They are made for everyone and anyone can record the next must-see viral video if they just have the right idea.



You can easily get one without breaking your bank account, attach it to your head, chest, car or bike (the possibilities are endless) and do whatever it is you think will make the video cool and interesting to look at. Although I don’t have a GoPro – or have ever used one – I’ve been addicted to the company’s official YouTube page for quite a while now.


Figuring out where to place or mount the camera is perhaps the most important thing to do in this case and the many creative ideas I have seen so far have all given me a glimpse to completely new perspectives on the world.


Some of them are exciting and heart-pounding, others are inspiring and uplifting – and there isn’t any shortage of the hilarious either. I quite often debate with people what the future of digital imaging will look like and predictions are always aplenty, but in any case, I’m pretty sure GoPro will be there one way or another.






Official GoPro Website

GoPro on YouTube

GoPro on Twitter


~ by arpadlukacs on June 24, 2014.

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