Tony Worobiec’s Icons of the Highway

I was still taking my first steps into photography when I met Tony Worobiec a few years ago. We both happened to be photographing London’s Thames Barrier at the same time, me using my very first DSLR, marvelling Tony’s medium format rangefinder camera. Tony’s extensive knowledge and photographic experience was obvious while we conversed, so after an exchange of details I had a look at his work as soon as I could.

I’ve spent quite some time looking through the many photographic projects he has worked on and while doing so, I kept finding myself returning to his images from the “Icons of the Highway” collection. The mood of these images stayed with me and prompted me to visit them repeatedly; a slowly receding world beautifully photographed and preserved for coming generations.

Tony has recently agreed to be featured on my blog with some of his work and was kind enough to write a little bit about Icons of the Highway:

Night photography has a special glamour and allure, not least because one tends to meet other photographers who similarly enjoy this genre of photography. This is wonderfully exemplified when several years ago I met Arpad.  At the time I was still working in film and using a Mamiya 7 rangefinder. While Arpad was relatively new to photography, he clearly knew what he was doing and was the first photographer to explain the principle of HDR to me. Fortunately we did exchange email addresses and have managed to stay in touch ever since. 
My own route into night-time photography started with a project I shared with my wife Eva about 10 years ago. We have been regularly visiting America for the last 20 years and in that period have seen considerable changes. For example, it was quite normal for us to book into an independent motel when we wanted a room for the night, or eat at an independent restaurant.  With their idiosyncratic neon, these establishments summarized why we visited America in the first place, so we became increasingly concerned to see so many of them replaced by characterless, corporate franchises. This was the spur to develop a personal photographic project we called Icons of The Highway
We were in love with what one describes as Americana. Flamboyant and over-sized automobiles, the movie house, theatre and launderette all caught our eye, but to do them justice we needed to photograph them at night.  We were anxious to capture what still remained of 1950s America and present the magic that still remains. In total we made five separate journeys from the far north to the desert town of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  This was published in book form in 2008 by AAPPL; moreover, in 2010 we were invited to exhibit Icons of the Highway at the highly prestigious Fox Talbot Gallery in Lacock.”

All images on this page are copyrighted by Tony Worobiec

Tony Worobiec’s official website

Icon’s of the Highway on Amazon





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