Flickr Stats and Looking Back

It’s become customary to announce when reaching one million views on Flickr, so here it is. With 692 uploaded images the numbers hit the magic million. What this actually means, who knows? It’s been a really great ride and I can say that photography has become more than just a hobby over the past few years. Reaching one million seems like an opportunity to look back a little bit.

Although I occasionally venture into abstract photography, portraits and pretty much whatever I enjoy doing at the time; my favourite thing to do with my camera is to photograph places and scenery. I cannot help but be a little bit frustrated when thinking about some of the beautiful places I visited before I was interested in photography… Never mind, I have the rest of my life ahead of me to revisit them and to visit new ones!

So far I have reached some really amazing places armed with a camera, various coastal locations in England, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, I spent some time in the otherworldly Iceland and I peeked over to France as well.

As a resident of London, I have been spoiled with incredible places in my own backyard as well, a mere bus ride away from home.

Therefore the images captured in London make up most of my portfolio and I firmly believe that this is a special city and it deserves special treatment from the photographer.


Only time will tell what kind of pictures I’ll be sharing in the future and the places I visit, but after one million views on Flickr, I’m sure about this: They’ll be coming.








All images on this page are copyrighted by Arpad Lukacs

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~ by arpadlukacs on September 4, 2014.

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