Visualising a futuristic London in Star Trek Into Darkness


In an otherwise visually impressive movie, this scenic perspective of a futuristic London from within the Star Trek universe seems superficially thought out and doesn’t really have much ‘London’ to it.

A number of things look fishy here so let’s have a closer look. Two major London landmarks are featured, London Eye on the left and St Paul’s Cathedral on the right side of the frame. Looking at the full resolution screenshot (see link below) the further bridge over the River Thames is quite clearly Hungerford Bridge. The authenticity of the image goes straight down the drain in the eyes of anyone who knows London just a little bit as London Eye is completely misplaced and is off its real location by at least a mile. Its computer generated design is also quite inaccurate making it look like it could be another Ferris wheel altogether.

And that is the problem really, why did this have to be a 100% CGI image? They could easily have filmed London in real life and then create a stunningly authentic composite by adding futuristic design in post. Considering that the plot of the film is set in motion at this location – including a spectacular explosion shown from a similar standpoint – the visualisation of this futuristic London is not as memorable as it should have been. For a big budget feature like Star Trek, this almost looks like a cheaply made cop out. It’s as if someone who’s never even been to London said: let’s throw together a couple of famous landmarks; draw them up quickly along with loads of futuristic skyscrapers and job’s done: it’s London. Not really.

See a high resolution version of the screenshot HERE

The screenshot from Star Trek Into Darkness on this page is owned by Paramount Pictures and is used here for educational purposes.


~ by arpadlukacs on June 14, 2015.

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