Visiting Kotor Bay in Montenegro

St. Nicholas Church in Kotor; Montenegro

Photographically speaking as well as personal reasons, visiting Kotor Bay in Montenegro was one of the best trips I’ve had in my life. The scenery and the architecture completely blew me away and the atmosphere of the place was truly one of a kind.

We visited off-season and only saw a few wondering tourists every once in a while, which probably added a lot to the above mentioned atmosphere. I don’t like to choose favourites, but if I had to, Kotor’s Old Town would be my choice that is preserved from medieval times and is a Unesco World Heritage site today. Old Town in Kotor; MontenegroThe experience of walking through these narrow streets among ancient architecture was incredible; and photographing this place at night was also what I enjoyed to do the most with my camera on this trip. Quite a few cats were captured in my images here, there were many stray ones wandering around. Some of them seemed physically larger than the cats I’ve seen in other places – not sure why this was – and many had sustained serious injuries from apparent fights. Clearly, the cats of Old Town in Kotor were wilder than the ones I’m used to.

Kotor Bay in MontenegroMassive ancient walls run up to the mountain above the city, this is what visitors can use to reach the top of Mount Orjen – if they are up for the one hour climb – to enjoy the beautiful view over Kotor Bay from the Castle of San Giovanni. This amazing view is worth seeing day and night, but do take a torch with you if you want to climb back down in the dark…

Before we left, we had some time to visit Perast; another beautiful old town further out along the coastline of Kotor Bay. The architecture there was equally impressive but seemed distinctly different from that of Kotor – if my untrained eyes are anything to go by. St Nicholas church is the landmark of the coast (not to be confused with the church of the same name in Kotor), but there are two small islands nearby that beg for a visit for all who make it to Perast. We hired a little boat and got a guide to the artificial island of “Our Lady of the Rocks” and got to see a beautiful little Catholic Church of the same name. St Nicholas church in Perast; MontenegroThe guide there told us the local myth of the island’s and the church’s creation; but the miraculous story of local seamen finding the icon of Madonna and Child which apparently re-appeared after being removed (if I followed the account correctly) was presented to us as historical fact. Hearing such a story from a person of true conviction was an experience in itself. We weren’t allowed to go onto the other small island, which was only a stone-throw away from Our Lady of the Rocks and the guide gave no reason as to why we couldn’t visit. The residents of the Island of St George apparently belong in a Catholic religious order and based on the impression I got from our guide, they might be quite reclusive.

See more images from the trip below, but please do visit the full collection on my portfolio site along with larger display sizes HERE.


Old Town in Kotor; Montenegro


Palace of Pima Family in Kotor; Montenegro


Old Tow in Kotor; Montenegro


Church of Our Lady of Health in Kotor; Montenegro


Kotor Bay in Montenegro


St George Island in Kotor Bay; Montenegro


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