Looking-Glass: f/0.95

I generally prefer to avoid talking about equipment because the photographer’s creative approach and experience is more important than what he/she shoots on. Posting about my latest gallery however requires mentioning kit as the combination of lens and body brought distinct visual characteristics to the images.

I got to spend just about one week experimenting with an old Canon 50mm f/0.95 manual lens. This glass is generally referred to as the “dream lens” on various internet sites and was mounted onto a Sony A7s Mark II. If you know my work already, you’ll know that I shoot mostly at night, but combining one of the brightest lenses around with one of the top low light sensors almost compels the photographer to see what this kit can see in the dark. Much more than the human eye; it turns out.

The images came out extremely bright even under unusually difficult circumstances where street lights were scarce and far. When shooting at busier and brighter places with plenty of artificial light sources, the sensor did a superb job keeping the highlights under control. The lens characteristics produce strange flare and various distinct artefacts that can explain how this glass came to be known as “dream lens”. Oddly enough, many of these unique qualities would be regarded as imperfections with a standard lens for a practical photographer, but here they are the feature and the reason people want to shoot with it.

Needless to say, I had fun. This was also my first time to shoot with a manual focus lens and it was much easier than I thought it would be – even at such extremely shallow depth of field (I captured every single image at f/0.95 aperture). I took a bit of practice, but I soon ended up getting most of my images with the desired subject in focus. I was shooting in December last year, so the images have a Christmas theme running through with street lights and decorations looking great in the out of focus areas. I thought Christmas was a great time to shoot with a “dream lens”.

See example images below and if you want to see more and in a larger size, visit my gallery with the full collection HERE.






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~ by arpadlukacs on April 30, 2016.

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