“This Reminds me of…” Xenoblade Chronicles X and Pandorum

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It’s quite a coincidence to have watched what some regard as an underrated sci-fi horror Pandorum, so soon after finishing what certainly is and underrated Nintendo Wii U exclusive (as of now) Xenoblade Chronicles X. Some noticably striking similarities showed between movie and game that I think are worth mentioning.

This is decidedly a post with no spoilers so I merely ask you see a movie (if you like movies) and play a game (if you like games) and see the parallels yourself. The interstellar ark ‘Elysium’ and its game counterpart ‘White Whale Ark’ have a lot in common as they explore what humanity may or may not do to survive after our home planet is gone. Should we try to hold onto a moral code established by a technologically advanced Earth-based society once the circumstances change so drastically? Although one takes place almost entirely outside while the other entirely inside the above mentioned interstellar arks, the conclusion of both will paint scenarios that seem to mirror one another in multiple ways. If you are only a film buff or a gamer, I still recommend to only watch the film or play the game without the added bonus of being able to make the narrative comparisons that brought about this post in the first place.

~ by arpadlukacs on February 3, 2018.

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