Favourite Buildings: Millennium Dome

The Millennium Dome (or as it’s now mostly known The O2 Arena) was built before I moved to London, so I missed the political controversy surrounding its development and opening. Without the inherent bias that may come with witnessing such a public debate about its usefulness and financial viability, I dare say, I always loved Millennium Dome due to what I think is sheer aesthetic appeal.

I looked at it of course from the perspective of a photographer and as such I was keen to capture The Dome’s futuristic look from multiple angles over the years I spent in London. There are many viewpoints that offer interesting perspectives of the structure, so I share some examples on this page for you to enjoy. If you are ever in London, I recommend making your way over to the Greenwich Peninsula to look around, and you might also want cross the river via Thames Cable Car to see a spectacular view of Millennium Dome along with the rest of London. Below the images, you can find a link to the same image in larger display size. Oh yes, and something topical at the end: Happy Easter!

Image in higher resolution


Image in higher resolution


Image in higher resolution


Image in higher resolution


All images on this page are copyrighted by Arpad Lukacs

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~ by arpadlukacs on April 1, 2018.

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