Favourite Buildings: Saint George Benedictine Monastery

590. St George Island in Kotor Bay; Montenegro

I would normally try to show multiple angles and more detail in a Favorite Buildings post, but this time my options were limited when capturing Saint George Benedictine monastery in Kotor Bay, Montenegro.

When we hired a boat and a guide, we were only allowed to set foot on the artificial island of “Our Lady of the Rocks”, which is about a couple of hundred meters away from St George Island pictured on this page. I did try to politely persuade the guide to let us visit the monastery (also known as Sveti Đorđe) but she was adamant that the other island was off limits. Nevertheless, the building easily on my list of favorites; I had my eyes on it way before visiting Kotor Bay. So here are a few images I managed to capture under such restrictions, I hope you will enjoy having a look. If you want to see more images from Montenegro in larger display size, you can do so by following this Link.

620. St George Island & Perast in Kotor Bay; Montenegro


Perast & St George Island in Kotor Bay; Montenegro (1)


610. St George Island from Our Lady of the Rocks in Kotor Bay; Montenegro


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