This Blog is Five Years Old

I only just realised that I started this blog in August 2013, which makes it exactly five years old this month. Upon this realisation, I also found out that the people of the internet often refer to this sort of thing as a “blogiversary”, which is so lame I can’t even begin to describe.

But I did think the above picture from Spielberg’s version of The Adventures of Tintin was an appropriate way to commemorate the event as having a quick look at my old blog posts from years ago was indeed a little bit like looking at a cartoon version of myself. Or perhaps I should post a picture of Morpheus in The Matrix talking about “Residual Self Image as the Mental Projection of the Digital Self”? Well, I certainly prefer to look at it in that more lighthearted Tintin sort of way. In any case, I hope I will be here in another five years to muse about a ten year “blogiversary”. In the meantime, do have a look at my very first blog post HERE if you like.

~ by arpadlukacs on August 31, 2018.

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