Favourite Buildings: Saint George Benedictine Monastery

•May 26, 2018 • Leave a Comment

590. St George Island in Kotor Bay; Montenegro

I would normally try to show multiple angles and more detail in a Favorite Buildings post, but this time my options were limited when capturing Saint George Benedictine monastery in Kotor Bay, Montenegro.

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Favourite Buildings: Millennium Dome

•April 1, 2018 • Leave a Comment

The Millennium Dome (or as it’s now mostly known The O2 Arena) was built before I moved to London, so I missed the political controversy surrounding its development and opening. Without the inherent bias that may come with witnessing such a public debate about its usefulness and financial viability, I dare say, I always loved Millennium Dome due to what I think is sheer aesthetic appeal.

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Farewell to London

•March 4, 2018 • 2 Comments

It was quite a few months ago when I moved halfway across the galaxy after living in London for 15 years. The city was my home when I got into photography and I spent quite some time doing long exposure almost exclusively. However, in the last few of years I shifted my focus to handheld photography when exploring London at night.

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Many faces of fog

•February 4, 2018 • Leave a Comment

1. Brockwell Park; London

Fog brings a little bit of excitement ever since I first started to think about taking pictures. Although, it can sometimes cover things I would otherwise like to capture, I’ve mostly had positive experiences while clicking the shutter in mist.

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“This Reminds me of…” Xenoblade Chronicles X and Pandorum

•February 3, 2018 • Leave a Comment

Untitled-1 (2)

It’s quite a coincidence to have watched what some regard as an underrated sci-fi horror Pandorum, so soon after finishing what certainly is and underrated Nintendo Wii U exclusive (as of now) Xenoblade Chronicles X. Some noticably striking similarities showed between movie and game that I think are worth mentioning.

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Photo shoot with Ballet Dancers

•August 12, 2017 • Leave a Comment

Although not what I usually do with my camera, it’s been a great experience to do a nature-themed photo shoot with ballet dancers. I was lucky with the conditions; in a span of two hours we got a range of different types of natural light from harsh to diffused and then to overcast.

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•July 8, 2017 • Leave a Comment

It was mere access to various old 35mm and medium format cameras that inspired this gallery. One cannot help but admire camera design from so many years ago, along with some long forgotten ways to building the tool that captures the image.

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